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My name is Lorne, and I am currently a high school senior! Over the next few months, I will be conducting an independent investigation into the subject of Machine Learning.

At the end of the project, I hope to have mastered basic Machine Learning and created an algorithm of processing lung cancer CT scans. During the third trimester (February – May), I will be dedicating a great portion of my time to conducting this project. At school, I will have the help of my AP Computer Science teacher and high school Faculty Advisor. My outside advisor is a former senior research scientist at Google specializing in Machine Learning and its applications in the medical field.

Links to affiliations of outside advisor: https://www.google.org/

To briefly outline how my senior project will be conducted:

  1. I will finish Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning class on Coursera
  2. I will take a look at Fei Fei Li’s Deep Learning online class
  3. I will experiment with the MNIST database (achieving 95% accuracy)
  4. I will write my own algorithm for the Kaggle 2017 Science Bowl lung cancer dataset

Here is a link to my Project Proposal: Project Proposal – Lorne Zhang

Overall, my main goal with this project is to learn as much as possible. I may not be able to finish my algorithm by the end of the third trimester, but I will be spending time during the summer and throughout my college career at Duke University to study the intersection between biology and computer science.

Wish me luck!

Lorne 1/30/2018

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